Piction for Imaging Professionals
Piction | Digital Media Warehouse. Develops digital image systems and software for businesses, government, photographers and professional imaging labs.
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Piction for Imaging Professionals

“Piction provides a sophisticated online application that enables professional photographers to manage, store and exchange their digital assets. The intelligent exchange processes built facilitates image commerce and automatically integrates image orders to various suppliers. Piction’s flexible environment can cater for all segments of the imaging industry including weddings, portraits, conferences, special events, glamour and commercial”.


There are many benefits including:

Increase revenue

  • Enhance customer relationship though Piction's secure interactive environment
  • Enable customers to view (purchase) your own personalised gallery
  • Provide customers with their own personalised web site

Reduce administrative time

  • Intelligent image management through state-of-the-art search and storage facilities
  • Automate mundane administrative tasks (such as supplier order forms)

Proactive marketing

  • Actively market your products and services online
  • Utilise Piction's lead generation tools for market data capture
  • Measure effectiveness of specific marketing through Piction's web analysis tools.

Piction for Image Manufacturers provides traditional professional labs with a platform to transform themselves into a complete digital services provider for professional photographers.

Piction provides software that enables:

  • Digital asset management
  • Integration to photographers business
  • On-line order fulfillment
  • On-line store for labs products
  • Image cataloguing
  • Image libraries
  • Image version control

Labs are not locked into specific scanning hardware or printers when using Piction. We provide an open software environment that integrates with current digital scanning and printing equipment, hence allowing labs to make the most of their current investments.

More importantly, Piction facilitates customer loyalty and revenue generating activities. Labs are able to provide on-line services such as image hosting, web page hosting and on-line proofing to their customer base.

Further Information


For more information please contact us.
Australia: +61 2 8912 2151
United States: 855 742 8466

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