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Piction Digital Media Exchange

“The promise of efficiency is the greatest expectation that business has of the revolution in technology over the past decade. Computer technology is going to make it easier and more cost effective to do business. And, in reality, computer technology is today a pervasive part of just about every business”.

This is particularly true for organisations’ abilities to project their brand presence to their customers. The changes technology has wrought in the way that the marketing functions of a business work are as profound, if not more so, than the introduction of automated processes for manufacturing, supply chain management, and efficiencies in the commercial interaction of suppliers and their customers.

Piction’s Digital Media Exchange is a tool designed to assist organisations to more effectively and efficiently manage the relationship between their brands and the market place – by providing sophisticated digital photography facilities that ensure consistency of use and authorised access to a customised, branded content repository.

Every day, there are innumerable examples of how a central online image and media repository could benefit both internal and external constituencies. To ensure consistency of representation, everyone who has the need to use an image or brand ought to be able to access it from the same source. If a particular image is used to represent a product or service, that image should be consistently available to any authorised user regardless of their location.

An online data repository is the ideal way to make sure this consistency is available. One of its key benefits to suppliers is a dramatic reduction in cost through improvements in the efficiency of the distribution process. Further, removing duplicate handling of the same image or data makes your marketing expenditures more effective, thereby enhancing productivity.

What is Media Exchange?

Every business creates information that it needs to keep track of and record in a central place so that everyone who needs it, can access it. Commonly termed ‘Content Management’ in today’s IT market, centralising the access and storage of information is a key feature of the way businesses use computer technology.

Media Exchange streamlines the way data in any form can be catalogued and stored online, so that access can be made available to those who require it. Whether it is used for ensuring the consistency of a brand’s application, or to regulate access to and distribution of digitised information in the form of reports or spreadsheets is entirely up to the repository’s creators. Unlike other online content management systems, Media Exchange is completely application independent and can store and manage data in whatever form it has to take to be useful for your business.

It includes comprehensive real time monitoring and activity reporting, and 24/7 access to your own branded repository. In a sense, it is a simple way to ensure global consistency of brand message delivery; as everyone associated with your company and your products can access the same images or data files. Marketing consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Media Exchange allows you to develop a single point solution that brings together all the suppliers and business partners who need to take advantage of, or make use of your information in whatever format it takes.

If you’ve got retail partners who produce their own marketing materials featuring your products, you can increase the efficiency of image distribution by giving those partners access to your online data repository. This is going to make it simple to keep the wrong images or information out of their marketing material; and in the long run is going to improve the effectiveness of the partner’s lead generation activities, if that’s what the marketing material is designed for.

Media Exchange brings information together in an online storage, management and access facility that provides secure, immediate access to those who need it.


There are three groups who will benefit from an organisation’s investment in online digital asset management: the producers of information, the users of information and the organisations that produce marketing, advertising, or other printed collateral.

Benefits for Vendors or Suppliers

  • Reduction of costs for image or information distribution.
  • Anywhere, anytime access to content.
  • Improves the effectiveness of marketing resources by reducing duplication of tasks.
  • No restrictions on type of media managed in the system; image, video, audio, text - it's entirely up to you.
  • Provides a consistency of image and style in marketing materials by using the same content.

Benefits for Partners or Retailers

  • You don't have to wait for images to be delivered; just log on and get what you need.
  • Low resolution images for online productions or mock-ups possible, saving time and bandwidth costs.
  • Save money on scanning, reproductions, or image manipulations.
  • Reduce the time it takes to turn around printed material from the agency, by reducing duplication of effort.

Benefits for Agencies

  • Meeting deadlines is easier because production times are greatly reduced.
  • Reduce costs by reducing the need to scan and retouch images.
  • Increase efficiency by managing only one source of images and information.
  • Online storage means information is available to you 24/7 - at times you might be at work but your client isn't.

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