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Piction | Digital Media Warehouse. Develops digital image systems and software for businesses, government, photographers and professional imaging labs.
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Media Library

Piction’s Digital Resources Warehouse platform provides a comprehensive foundation for managing and distributing an organisations digital assets. Whether it is for internal or external purposes Piction makes it easy for you to manage your library of digital based information.

  • Manage any type of digital media. Automatically create thumbnails and watermarks for associated media files. Create complex rights management rules that integrate back into your operational processes.
  • Advanced security features Integrate with external suppliers that provide specialised manufacturing capabilities such as professional labs or audio/ visual studios.
  • Multiple delivery formats supported. Organisations can define the delivery method to various users such as digital download, express compression, CD or external supplier fulfillment.
  • Comprehensive reporting system that provides statistics on usages per object or user group. Track royalties or financial commitments to external suppliers.
  • Advanced search and retrieval facilities. Visual based searching, contextual searching and complete thesaurus facilities enable your people to find the required information faster no matter what media type.

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