Piction | Digital Media Warehouse. Develops digital image systems and software for businesses, government, photographers and professional imaging labs.
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Piction’s state-of-the-art Digital Resources Warehouse platform empowers organisations to effectively protect brand equity, reduce the costs of distributing digital brand assets globally and control the user communities that will use the brand assets. The Piction DMX platform provides the following key benefits:

  • Easily find the required brand asset through sophisticated search and retrieval facilities. Piction can search on information contained within the native file format hence reducing laborious metadata input requirements. Major formats such as PDFs, MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, JPGs, TIFFs, GIFs, PSDs and many other formats are supported.
  • Enable the re-purposing and reuse of brand assets. Capture the repurposed version as another asset type for use. Determine and automate brand assets that require cost/recovery or for internal cross charging purposes.
  • Apply simple or complex authorisation processes for requests. Brand Managers can easily be notified through SMS or web methods of requests that require approval.
  • Create greater efficiencies in dealing with external organisations such as ad agencies or creative design houses.
  • Create and control user communities that will access your brand assets. Segregate assets specifically to a user or user group as well as determine the rules for how they will do business with your brands.
  • Manage all type of digital brand asset ranging from still images, video, audio and documents.
  • Integrate with current internal systems such as financial systems and POS systems.

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