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Register now to temporarily use national land - private events


On this site you can check the availability of a venue for a private event and register to use that venue.

Private events mean that members of the general public cannot attend your event.

Examples of private parties include weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, naming ceremonies, renewal of vows and farewells.

Please note that all venues are public places and access is unrestricted. Registrations do not constitute a formal booking but are taken by the National Capital Authority (NCA) to avoid the occurrence of multiple events at one time in any venue.

The NCA has no wet weather or indoor venues available for use.

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Change or cancel your registration

You can change or cancel your registration at any time using your registration number. To do this, click Register and login with your surname and reference number.

Please note that each registration has a unique reference number. If you wish to make more than one registration, you will need to return to the start page and make a separate registration.